The industry of hope

  1. What is sold in the market may not be the dosage used in those studies.
  2. There is a difference between what you take and what your body ends up absorbing for e.g. when taking a tablet vs sublingual sprays.
  3. The supplement itself may require another supplement before it is effective.
  4. Your body can only take so much of a supplement at a time, so even if you consume high levels of such supplement, your body may end up just disposing of it when you next go to the toilet.
  5. Overconsuming a supplement can be dangerous.
  6. The supplement you take may have no effect on you if you already have enough stores of that supplement.
  7. The supplement may be found in many of the foods that we consume.



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Thomas Mak

Thomas Mak

On the hunt for life's secret herbs and spices